As your Social Media Marketing Assistant, I’m offering to work away in the background. Help you with your customer care, track progress and complete social media tasks.

Social Media: copywriting advertising spots, create consistently read newsletters; research, write content, edit and promote original blog posts and ebooks.

Back Office tasks taken care of remotely from my home office. I have high-speed internet, Microsoft Office 2016 and am up to date on using the latest business software. 

There are so many things you need to do in a day. At times it seems impossible for you to get everything done… and you know what?

You’re Right!


Working With  Wendy…

How a Social Media Marketing Assistant increases Sales

Here are 5 ways people use my virtual assistant services to increase their Return On Investment (ROI)

How To Communicate With Your Remote Service Provider

There is a right way and a wrong way to email your instructions. The wrong way causes a rash of back and forth emails to get it right. Too many and you begin to think it would have been faster to do it yourself. But it doesn’t have to be that way. read more…

5 Ways Social Media Increases Sales

You have arrived! All the key people, in your industry are connected with you. So, how is all this social Media round-about going to increase Sales? Here’s 5 Ways to make money at it.

Schedule Calendars and Organize Email Accounts

Imagine opening up your email account in the morning and finding it all organized into folders ready for you to read. Spam weeded out. Emails with canned responses ready for your approval. Your calendar updated with appropriate schedules and links.

Too Busy to Blog Outsourcing Guide

If you’re exhausted and your brain is fried then it’s time to outsource to a skillful social media assistant. Just because you find a youtube video on how to create and post social media content, that doesn’t mean you should. Read the “Too Busy to Blog Outsourcing Guide”.

About Me…

My names is Wendy Arleen Harrison and I am a social media assistant, writer, speaker and researcher. I have over twenty years of experience working with businesses of all types and sizes, specializing in back office administrative support and social media marketing, I have the skill set and attitude to get the job done on time and to your satisfaction.

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