5 Big Reasons to Change Your Social Profile Image

5 Big Reasons to Change Your Social Profile Image


I have bProfile glasses footereen using a cute eyeglasses logo as my public image and internet avatar. I wanted a friendly little brand that would be consistent over all the social media venues. So, when I commented on any posts, I would be instantly recognized as me and my company.


After some thought and lengthy discussion with fellow social media assistants, I came up with the following 5 reasons that your profile image should be a headshot and not a logo.



Your Face Should Be Your Brand

For coaches, consultants and virtual assistants your smiling face is probably the best choice over an avatar or logo design. You can still use your logo around your site or business profile, but your face helps people get to know, like and trust you which is so important in any personal service company.


It Helps People Recognize You

They may not remember your company name or where they put your business card,  but they will probably remember seeing you at the trade show or networking event. When I did a LinkedIn search using my name. There were 8 different results of people named Wendy Harrison. Hopefully, my potential clients would recognize my profile picture as the Wendy that they met at the networking event.  You can make it even easier to be recognized across all the social networks by using the same image, everywhere. Make sure to use a current photo, one that people would recognize as you and not one taken 20 years ago.


You Will Never Get a 2nd Chance at Making a Good 1st Impression

First impressions are made almost instantly. Recent studies, by Princeton psychologist Janine Willis, revealed it takes less than 1/10th of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face. If your face is such a powerful influence on people’s decisions then it makes sense to have your smiling avatar show up next to any comments you leave and not a generic blue head, your cute cat or a graphic design.


Social Media Connects Human Beings

Your logo, when used as a profile picture, may feel too impersonal to visitors or can be seen as suspicious. This could result in the loss of a valuable connection. Some people even have a social media rule against adding people who don’t have a real profile image as their avatar. Puppies, flowers and cute eyeglasses are out! The number one reason for their suspicions is that an anonymous looking logo could be hiding something, possibly a spammer or worse.


The Big Platforms Insist on It

Google and LinkedIn both frown on using logos instead of actual profile pictures. Nobody wants to put in a lot of time and effort into building a brand online only to be penalized down the road. You may end up receiving a message saying, ‘your icon does not appear to have a face’. It’s better to change it now then have to redo everything later on.

One last point:

If you’ve made the decision to always go with a personal headshot, will you be taking a selfie and save lots of time and money or leave it to a professional photographer?


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  • Janet Barclay November 11, 2016 at 3:15 pm /

    I couldn’t agree more, Wendy! At the same time, people should make sure that their real name shows up somewhere and isn’t the same as their user name. I once met a woman at a conference, and I had no idea that we were connected online, because her Twitter profile showed her logo, and her user name and her real name were both listed as her business name. Branding is important, but people want to network with other people, not with brands – especially when it’s a solopreneur and not a big company, where the account may be managed by multiple staff members.