5 Ways Social Media Increases Sales / 5 tips & tricks to use Social Media and Increase Sales

Jump on the Social Media Merry go round. Enjoy the ride!

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You have arrived…

You’ve jumped on the Social Media Merry-Go-Round.

All the key people, in your industry, are there.

So, how is all this Social Media round-about going to increase sales?

Hopefully, you created your best profile pages on the top social media sites.

You’re an active member of Google+ communities and LinkedIn groups. You’re trying to attract the attention of key people in your industry on sites like  Facebook and twitter.

Now what?

Are you feeling a little ignored?  Helpless?  Can’t make yourself stand out among the masses of people in your communities.

The next steps you need to take – my 5 steps I want to show you – will help you understand the benefits of social media and how to use that to increase sales.


1. Email Newsletters

You need to make it worthwhile for your visitors to open your email. Learn how to TURBO CHARGE your newsletters and get those click-throughs to your website. First, you have to get people to OPT-In to your list and then get them to become loyal readers. These are your past, present and future customers, so keep them looking forward to seeing your emails in their inbox. Entertain and educate your readers, before offering them a sales item.

I’m giving away this great newsletter checklist. Use it before you hit publish.


2. Tradeshows Conferences

Hosting a tradeshow booth or being a proactive attendee is a great way to connect with people. Just make sure to follow up afterwards. Send out a tweet or post a comment to the people you met.  Here are just a few ways to profit from your investment of time and money spent at Tradeshows and Conferences.


3. Social Profile Image & Signatures

Make sure that every site where you use a profile signature has a link back to your website or your latest achievement (ebook, pdf, video, webinar).


4. Product Launches

Your ebooks and pdf’s can be used to create promotion launches, virtual book tours, and guest blogging posts. It doesn’t have to be a big book. Just a small how-to of tips & tricks. Then post about it all over social media.


5. Outsource It!

Many of these tasks can be outsourced to your virtual assistant. Today outsourcing is the number one way entrepreneurs use to save time.

–  Expert research and detailed spreadsheet reports.

–  Find and interview the experts in your subject.

–  Schedule, proofread, edit and draft your posts on Social media.

–  Watch the video and see why a virtual assistant can increase your sales, while saving you time.

Remember, if you don’t have an assistant, you are an assistant.

It’s just a matter of good planning, good attendance and making sure you’re following up with the right people. Social media has a lot of pros & cons, but if you use these 5 tips and tricks you should realize the benefits and start building a better business.


If you already send out, or are planning an email newsletter campaign, then grab this  Checklist for Email Campaigns