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Make Your Virtual Team Shimmer!

If you want your Team Project to shimmer then don’t be a bystander. Since you don’t have that face to face interaction on a virtual team, you need to use your words. When you make a request “I need this by…”,  then add a (why) or…

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How Real Estate benefits from Facebook

Many Real Estate Agents use Facebook on a regular basis to market their business, but some still don’t see the benefits of this unique and profitable tool. Facebook for business is not just a distraction, or a waste of time, or a gossip arena. There are…

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How To Turbocharge Your Newsletters

Make The Newsletter Worthwhile If you want to Turbocharge your newsletters and get readers to open email messages, then consistently make it a rewarding experience for them. You need to be the face and the voice of authority. An expert on that particular subject and a solution…

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