Easily Turn a Checklist into a Money Making Kindle Book

Easily Turn a Checklist into a Money Making Kindle Book


checkboxIf you have a favourite checklist that solves your problems or keeps you on track, then why not turn it into a money making Amazon Kindle Book.

It’s not hard. It takes about 2 weeks and before you know it you are a published Kindle author.

Amazon has put an end to rejection letters from publishers and expensive extras. Today, it’s quite common to see at least one self-published book on the New York Times best sellers list.

Kindle books on Amazon are skyrocketing in sales and some are making extraordinary amounts of money. You’re dealing with the biggest international shopping retailer and one of the most trustworthy. The Kindle app is free and it makes your book available on all of the reader’s electronic devices.

I wish I had known the following tricks when I first published my Kindle books. I didn’t promote it or ask for reviews. The book has been a slow seller, but I’ve learned a lot from that experience.

So this time, I’m going to try all of the following tips and tricks. Things I’ve gleaned from my research and will use that to publish my next little ebook. Stay tuned…I’ll let you know how much more popular this book makes in comparison to the last one.

If writing is not your passion in life, then feel free to outsource this step. There are plenty of sites you can go to and find ghostwriters. Just send them a good checklist, or a detailed outline. and they will turn it into a book for you. Cost to you will probably be in the neighbourhood of $150 -$350.00 for 20,000 words.

What I did was take my handy checklist I use when I attend or host at Tradeshows. I always use a checklist. A great tool for making sure that I complete my to-do-list and do everything in the right order, beginning to end.

So, what I did was take my checklist and expanded on each of the steps. Then added an introductory and summed everything up at the end. With a call to action, links back to my website and a reminder to leave a review.

You want your book to be at least 20 pages with lots of soothing white space.

Create a colourful cover. Take a look on Amazon and see what the best sellers are doing with their covers. Study the use of colours, fonts and white space. Now design a cover using a program like Photoshop or outsource this task to a graphic designer. Again, you can find them on many of the outsourcing sites.

So, now you have a book ready to publish. Good for you. What’s the next step?

You can easily and quickly upload it to Amazon and 24 hours later it will be available as an online Kindle.

Before you do that though, you may want to take advantage of a program offered by Amazon Kindle (AKP) where you can offer it for free for the first 5 days. Do this!

This is the best gift Amazon could ever give you. It will increase your readers and hopefully, your reviews. If you can get enough reviews, 40 or 50 of them, then you don’t have to market your Kindle book anymore. Amazon will do all the marketing for you by suggesting your book to like-minded readers. And that’s when the money starts rolling in.

Once you list it, for free, ask (beg) friends, family and associates to download the book and leave a review. You need those reviews.

Some people aren’t good at writing reviews for one reason or another, so make sure you send everyone a few samples that they may want to use. Maybe they’ll recognize their voice in your suggestions feel comfortable using them. It speeds things up if you search reviews people have left for other books such as yours and then create a spreadsheet of reviews similar to the ones left for them. Use your spreadsheet to track which suggestions you’re sending out to which of your friends.

If you get 20 or 40 you don’t want them all ***** to be all 5 star reviews. That’s nice of your friends to do that, but that’s just not the way things are. There should be a few 3 and 4 star ones.

After 5 days list your book in the magic zone – $2.99 to $9.99. If you want to make lots of money with your ebook experts suggest you stay within this price category.

One last thing, make sure you put links back to your website, offers, blog and newsletter signups. You want your readers to be able to get a hold of you, connect and share information and maybe increase your sales in other areas.

As a Social Media Assistant, I help people manage book launches. Or even handle the whole thing from the research, writing, publishing and marketing. You know you need help with some of these things so drop me a line wendy@wendyarleen.com for a free consultation.

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