How To Communicate With Your Virtual Assistant

How To Communicate With Your Virtual Assistant

Many Virtual Assistants get emails like the one below. The problem is they cause delays because of a whole lot of back and forth communicating. Vague instructions or over assuming that I know what you mean adds unneeded project delays and of course frustration for you and your assistant.


The wrong way to communicate instructions:


Please go ahead and draft the business newsletter and schedule it for best time.


Maggie Marketer


This email is just asking for a big sigh out of me. You can imagine all the back and forth it will cause before I can go ahead and complete their project.

The right way is quick and easy when you make yourself a template and use it whenever you communicate with your assistants.  You may not always use all of the points, but just fill in the blanks on the ones you need.


7K0A0190Then your email would look something like this:


Please set up this week’s newsletter template with the following details:

Images: Look in my image files and use one of a car in a winter storm and another of a close up of a tire spinning on ice. If you can’t find any then please upload 2 from our list of approved photography sites and stay under $5.00 each. Make sure to credit the photographer

Article: I have attached a document that includes a few points showing what I want in the body of the newsletter. Please complete a 250-word draft article for my approval. Include one picture at the top of the newsletter and one at the end of the article.

Schedule: Once I have approved your outlay then you can schedule it for next Monday or Tuesday – best time. I’ll leave that up to you.

Promote on Social Media: Please promote on all social media platforms using your preferred methods. Paid promotion budget for Facebook is $50.00.

Any questions or inquiries?  Best to email me between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. or phone after 1 p.m. Texting is also a sure fire way to get a hold of me in a hurry.

Thank you,

Sammy Backagain

It’s easy to work with a Virtual Assistant. We are professionals and you’d be surprised what we already know how to do. We’ve done it many times over for different clients. We’re experts in software and the latest procedures for handling your administrative and social media tasks. It takes very little training time. We ask the right questions and quickly get things up and running smoothly.

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