How Real Estate benefits from Facebook

How Real Estate benefits from Facebook

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Many Real Estate Agents use Facebook on a regular basis to market their business, but some still don’t see the benefits of this unique and profitable tool. Facebook for business is not just a distraction, or a waste of time, or a gossip arena.

There are many Realtors who actually have a facebook page set up, but don’t know how to use it to market their business, or what to do with it at all and so, have pretty well abandoned it altogether.

The Outsourcing Option

Increasing likes and participation on your page isn’t as hard as you may think. It does, however,  take a commitment of time and creative energy.

If you absolutely have no extra time to set aside for posting and commenting, then outsource it. Partner up with a virtual assistant and let them manage the whole thing for you.

What to Share

The big question is what to post? Sales Pitches? Listings? Personal Interest stories? Inspirational Pieces? The answer is Yes to all. As long as you don’t bore people with repetitive sales marketing posts, then they will continue to engage with your page and share it with their friends, who will share it with their friends and so it goes…..

The Benefits

Don’t expect to see any concrete results or sales come directly from your Facebook Page. Instead, you should notice more traffic to your website and an increase in referral business.

It’s an excellent way to keep in constant contact with past clients without being annoying or pushy about it.

 ~ comment on posts several times a day.

~ share other people’s interesting and inspirational posts

~ extend congratulations to family events or career milestones.

 ~ if a past client boasts of a newly completed renovation then this would be the ideal time to make a comment on how they have just increased their resale value and you are especially happy about that. This way you are making them look good in front of their friends and are reminding everyone that you are the favorite Real Estate agent and now your client’s friends know this too.

Facebook Etiquette 

The majority of your Facebook posts should not be self-promoting, By being the source of current events, newsy stories, interesting facts and educational tips, you will establish yourself as an expert and a go-to source for all kinds of information.

But, don’t forget to throw in the occasional reminder that you do sell Real Estate.

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