Special Offer to all my Readers – 2 Shortcut Bookmarks

Special Offer to all my Readers – 2 Shortcut Bookmarks

Bookmarks.Aug.2016.2Shortcuts save me so much time during my workday.

Have you ever landed on a huge web page and start to scroll down, down and further down, looking for that word or phrase you googled.

Did you miss it? Should you keep on scrolling?

One shortcut that is absolutely┬ámy all time favourite is Ctrl +F. It automatically opens up a dialogue search box. You type in the word you’re looking for and it’s highlighted in all the spots it appears on the page. This alone saves me tons of time.

Many of you may already know the Ctrl +F trick, but there are tons more that you may not have heard of.

I’m giving away 2 shortcut bookmarks today. Time limited offer. So please share with your friends and I hope you enjoy all the great tips & tricks I’m sending your way every week in my newsletters.

Anyone signing up for my newsletter gets a free gift.

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