How To Turbocharge Your Newsletters

How To Turbocharge Your Newsletters

Make The Newsletter Worthwhile

If you want to Turbocharge your newsletters and get readers to open email messages, then consistently make it a rewarding experience for them. You need to be the face and the voice of authority. An expert on that particular subject and a solution to their problems. 

Let’s say, you’re writing a newsletter from the point of view of a mother of 3 hyperactive children. You want to share tips and tricks you learned as your kids went through the school system. These tips would be priceless to other parents going through the same experience. They would probably look forward to seeing your email and it would get opened, shared and clicked through to your website or landing page. This may even turn into sales of an ebook, pdf document, webinar class and more.

Make it Accurate

 Don’t disrupt the flow of their reading with writer’s hiccups.  Errors and omissions that make them say “what the ‘hic”, then have to reread it until they understand what you really meant to say. Hiccups may be acceptable but if there’s error (hic) after error (hic) then you could lose subscribers.

Make sure all default template content or old alt tags and headers (e.g. Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks) have been replaced with the current ones. Here are a few of the proofreading tricks I use to catch grammar, spelling, layout, or style mistakes:

  • print it and read it upside down
  • read a phrase at a time but move from right to left
  • Copy and Paste into another type of document. From Word to Google docs, from Evernote to a web page You can always delete it afterwards
  • Outsource the proofreading and edit tasks.
  • Send yourself a test email and see how it looks in your inbox, on your phone and tablet

Choose your own method or use one of the above methods. As long as it slows you down and makes you see and not assume, what is written.

I’m giving away my Checklist to my readers. Use it to check your work before you hit that publish button.

Give Them Some Direction 

Ask your recipients to share the letter. Just a simple;

“Feel free to forward this email to anyone you think that might value it. Many business owners, who rely on social media marketing to get the word out, would appreciate receiving these fresh tips and tricks. You’d be helping to bring them more leads and sales.”

Sharing gets you connected with more people and grows your mailing list all that much faster. The trust factor kicks in. When a friend or colleague forwards an interesting email, you probably put more value on it than one from some company.

Schedule it

Pick the best time to send the email. You really shouldn’t send it right away but instead, schedule it for the best time. 

As a rule of thumb ~ Early Monday mornings are popular. Some email newsletter providers, like Constant Contact and MailChimp, will suggest best sending times by using details from when your contacts opened the email. You can do this yourself by looking back at your campaign reports and see if you notice any patterns. 

If you’re new and don’t have much of a history yet, then your newsletter provider will suggest a time based on general industry trends.

… and a Gift for You 

Emails give you the most direct line of communication with potential and current customers. If you follow the above tips and tricks, you should be rewarded with faster open rates and click-through responses to the emails you send out. Remember to track your results and study them for clues on how to improve and increase interaction with your readers.

You can download this Checklist to help you send out your best Newsletter.

Drop me a line and let me know how you made out. I’d love to include your insights in a series I’m working on about Newsletters and how people are building an awesome following of readers.

Of course, I’d love it if you would share this article with your colleagues, pass it on to your fellow networkers or business friends and help them build their company faster and more intelligently.

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