How to Connect With Key People at Trade Shows & Conferences / And a Gift for You

For all My Readers – A copy of my Trade Show eBook (pdf) & a Gift

The best way to connect with key people and meet future clients is at a trade show or conference. 

I recently wrote and published a little ebook called Wendy Works Trade Shows pdf eBook it’s packed full of great advice. The best of my tips & tricks – gleaned from the experts in the field.

Trade Shows and conferences are a great way to connect with people face to face. Although it may be daunting at first, you’ll find as time goes by, it becomes a rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Building the List

What is the most important thing you can come away with from your Trade Show experience?

Sales are an instant gratification. But, a detailed list of names and contact information is pure gold. These are key people who have happily given you their email address in hopes that you will sell them something. Hopefully, you were able to get a ton of people to sign up and they’ve all agreed to receive your fabulous email newsletters. Remember, it’s very important to get their permission first or you could get labeled as a spammer and be shut down by the major search engines.

Wendy Works Trade Shows eBook has some great tips and tricks on how to get visitors to fill in those sign-up forms and how to best to use this information. 



The people who visit the show probably paid admission, have come to discover new ideas and expect to be sold to. So connect with them!

  • Send a personal email right away. Remind them how you met and include something interesting to jog their memory.
  • Jot down a few details right away. Either on the back of the sign-up form or electronically.
  • When following-up alert them to the publishing date of your next email newsletter and why they’ll want to read it.
  • Offer them something downloadable, a pdf, gift certificate or eBook. 

Not following up is a mistake so many people make. One you don’t want to make.You worked hard to get these names and you should use them to your advantage. 


The Book & A Gift

I wrote Wendy Works Trade Shows eBook to help people through the entire process of staffing a Trade Book_Smaller-Cover_Front-480x640.jpgShow booth. Not just to profit financially, but how you can enjoy the whole experience.

Make it a time to connect with like minded people and possibly meet your future customers.






I am a virtual assistant specializing in Social Media Marketing, Research and Office Administration.

I save people time by completing their back office tasks so they can go out and grow their business faster and more intelligently.


As a show of thanks, I’d like to offer a free gift to my readers and clients (past, present and future)  A Trade Show Checklist. 

This checklist should help you remember everything you need to do:

  • Things to bring with you
  • What you need to do before, during and after the conference or tradeshow
  • Bookings and Arrangements that need to be taken care of
  • Appointments that should be made ahead of time.
  • Download it here and enjoy the show!


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