A Few Tips on Book Promotion

A Few Tips  on Book Promotion

People deserve to read your book. 

Without the proper promotional techniques, they’ll never know it exists.

You could be missing out on one of the best ways of attracting traffic to your website and realizing more leads and sales.


new3Do up a new website just for your book. It’s all in the Name.

Your website or domain name, should be as close to your book’s title, as opposed to being your name. Then put links in your original website over to your new book’s website. Make sure one of the pages on this website is titled, “Press Release”, and use it to make it easy for others to promote or talk about your book. Include images of the covers, a bit about you, a bit about writing the book, and why this book is a valuable read. Also, include FAQ’s section. 

clickhere5Use Opt-in Boxes 

Place an Opt-in at the side of the page or pop up, Encourage them to sign up for your newsletters. You’ll want to nurture your readers with updates, interesting facts and your newest project.



commerce8The Book can Promote Your Business.  

Encourage your readers to visit your website or blog, by offering them worksheets, checklists or a free gifts that they can download.  Let them know that you will continue to post updated information on the topic which they may find very useful.


access1Give Them Sample Chapters

Before most people buy books online they like to browse through the table of contents and read a few sample pages or a chapter of the book. You’ve probably done the same thing yourself on Amazon or one of the other book sites. When you are promoting your book on guest blogs or social media sites offer a link to a sample they can download, and you’ll be surprised at the upsurge in orders. Make sure the sample leaves them wanting more.



Don’t Forget to Ask for Reviews.

Whenever anyone comments or ‘likes’ your book, page or article be sure to ask them for a short testimonial. Let them know that you will be publishing it along with their name and business name on the internet. Most people will be more than happy to get this free publicity.



Signing Off. Whether it’s email signature or social media profile pages, author pages, membership profiles, make sure you include a link to your book in your signature. 


Little ebooks are becoming a popular way of promoting and attracting attention to your website and your products.

Get your books read and talked about.